If you are like me and ever had a hard time going through the long list of all the available flights, you might be interested in the new search engine I recently developed:

The main idea is to present the flights in a way that lets you easily compare the differences in route, duration, ecology and certainly price. Let’s have a look, picture is worth thousands words sometimes 😉

You can see flights grouped by routes, so that it’s easier to review all the available options. Another significant aspect is color coding of the results by their ecology. Simply, a greener flight produces less CO₂, while redder isn’t too eco-friendly. But more about this later. Filtering and sorting is done by clicks in the header or directly on individual results. For example, if you find a flight too long, click its duration and select ‘Show only shorter flights’ and it’s done. And fast! No page reloading, the filtering is instantaneous.

After clicking a flight, you get a detailed view, including warnings regarding the need to change terminals and other useful information. And, you can bookmark or book the flight, currently leading to, other agencies to be added soon. In case you don’t know any particular airline or airport, you are just a click away from a detailed useful information:

Note that user interface also scales well to smaller screens of mobile devices, without losing any functionality:

Back to the ecology. Quite a few search engines today give a CO₂ figure in search results. However, goes further. Not only is the ecology in the forefront due to color coding of each flight, it also tries to calculate the emissions as precisely as possibly. It not only takes into account the distance between airports, but also the exact model of airplane used, its fuel consumption, seating arrangement of the particular airline and other aspects. This results in a useful figure that can help you to make a decision that’s good for you, but also for the planet.

If you want to review all the functionality, you can check out a short video, or just head out directly to and try it yourself.

I hope that you like the result, if so, please don’t forget the share with your friends! In any case, I’d be very interested in your feedback, feel free to post a comment here or just drop me an email. And, I promise that I’ll start posting more regularly to this site, mostly content related to the main subject of the site, photography! 😉