Phoide is here!

Hi all readers! It has been quite a long time since I posted the last update here. No, I didn’t give up photography and neither this website! It’s just that I’ve been very busy and particularly with my new project Phoide, which I’d like to introduce briefly here, since I hope that it might be useful for many photographers.

Phoide aims to contain great photography spots all around the world in an easy to use web application with many convenient features that help photographers to plan where and when to go. This includes an easy to use map, descriptions, tips, sunrises/sunsets, weather forecasts, nearby webcams, spotlists, search and of course, beautiful photographs. There is already more than 10,000 photography spots and even more photographs from these spots!

Sample of a photography spot, with description, overview map, various Sun and Moon directions, Weather forecast, etc.

Phoide is community edited, so anyone can create a new spot, add photographs to an existing spot, write own descriptions or tag spots. And, what’s really important, in case you find an error, for example a photograph that’s placed incorrectly, you can suggest the correct place and other photographers can confirm or reject the change.

Individual spots are grouped by Tags, which helps to navigate around locations, be it a country, town or any landmark. Photographers can also write their own guides to any tag, so that the location is no longer just a set of individual spots.

Phoide Guide page for Charles Bridge in Prague, which already groups 27 photography spots.

Phoide is currently available as a website (, but there will also be mobile apps released soon (Android and iOS), which will further enhance the possibilities, including offline navigation to selected spots and more.

I hope that this sounds interesting to you! Please have a look and test the application to see whether it can be useful for you. I’d be very interested in your feedback, please drop me an e-mail, comment here or on Facebook. Thanks!